New Membership Application

Please read this application carefully.

This application must be filled out completely before submission for membership consideration. Please review the membership qualifications, which are found in Part 2 of this application, before applying.

The deadlines to submit an application for VES membership are as follows:

Spring Membership Cycle – March 15th
Fall Membership Cycle – September 15th

Part 1 - Personal Information
Part 2 - Type of Membership
Indicate the type of membership you are seeking.

Active Membership – An Active Member is a member who has been actively engaged in the production or creation of Visual Effects for not less than five (5) years, within the last ten (10) years preceding application for membership. If the applicant seeks Active Membership, two (2) Active Members in good standing must endorse this application.

Associate Membership – An Associate Member is a member whose professional activities have involved a close relationship with, and exceptional achievements in, the field of Visual Effects for not less than five (5) years. If the applicant seeks Associate Membership, two (2) Members in good standing, who are either Associate or Active, must endorse this application.

Part 3 - Visual Effects Work History

Please download the VES work history Form and fill it out completely, then upload it as your “Work History Upload”, below. You may also attach your resume for consideration, but only in addition to providing your work history in the format specified.

To be eligible for membership, your visual effects work experience must exceed five (5) years within the preceding ten (10) years, as described in Part 2 above. HOWEVER, we need your COMPLETE work history. Do not stop at five (5) years.

As specified on the VES Work History Form, the following information is required to verify your Visual Effects work experience:

  • Start & End dates (mo/yr)
  • Project Title
  • Name of Employer/company (or client company)
  • Name of Direct Supervisor (or client)
  • Job Title &/or your contribution to the project. (Please be specific, i.e. Software Engineer, CG Supervisor, Effects Animator, Compositor, Special Effects Technician, VFX Coordinator, Executive, etc.)

Please list only one (1) project per line and fill in all of the blanks for the “Current or Most Recent Project Information” section. Start with your most recent work first. Use as many pages as necessary.

Print outs, copies, references or links to or other similar website listings are not acceptable and will not be considered as a complete application. Applications submitted with missing or incomplete information will be held pending completion and may miss being counted in the current application period. Please note that we will only hold incomplete applications over for a maximum of one (1) application period.

Enter the number of years you have worked professionally in Visual Effects. 
Part 4 - VES Member Endorsements

Important: Every applicant must be endorsed by two (2) VES members in good standing, each of whom must submit a letter of recommendation to the VES on the applicant's behalf. Click Here to download a PDF of the Endorsement Letter Guidelines and share them with your endorsing VES members.

If you are a returning member, this requirement has already been satisfied. You may specify that you are a returning member here.

Please enter the names of VES members who will be endorsing you. If you have received letters of recommendation you may upload them here. Letters of recommendation may also be emailed by the endorsing member directly to Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that these letters are received by the VES.
If you have received a letter of endorsement from your first endorser, you may upload it here.
If you have received a letter of endorsement from your second endorser, you may upload it here.
Part 5 - Application Fee

There is an Application Fee of US $200 for the Spring period, or US $100 for the Fall period. Additionally, there is a US $100 NON-REFUNDABLE PROCESSING FEE for either period. The Application fee of either US $200, or US $100 is applied to membership dues, either for the first year for Spring applicants, or the first six (6) months for Fall applicants. If the applicant is denied membership, the Application Fee will be refunded. The total Application and Processing Fees are due upon submission of this application. After submitting this form you will be taken to a page where you may pay by credit card, or you may choose to send a check directly to the VES office.

Part 6 - Applicant's Statement and Agreement

I have read the rules and regulations for membership in the Visual Effects Society. I understand that an invitation for membership in the Visual Effects Society is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Moreover, I understand that an application for membership in the Visual Effects Society does not in any way obligate the Visual Effects Society to extend an invitation to me for membership.

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